A+ is the Interior Design new brand for living with your memories in a decorated place. Key feature is a mix-up of aesthetic and freedom. Masterwork textiles, vintage and contemporary topics, Tribal and Modern Art, architectural services … for an unespected extra-ordinary outcome, recalling both your personality as our eye & background. Italian style + international allure. Since 1999 asiaoccidentale offers an individual choice of unusual rugs and kilims & more and collaborates with designers and architects making the best scenario for. The natural evolution has been offering unique textiles & more + services for decoration That’s why A+ A+ offers professional services: washing, restoration + rental for rugs, textiles and furnishing for home staging and photo shooting


Chiara Battini studied Philosophy and Human Sciences; she has devoted herself to Textile Art both as a scholar and an art dealer. Elena Bernardi manages asiaoccidentale with Chiara; she studied Business and Law and has been working as marketing consultant. Architects Leopoldo Vezzoni and Cristina Benedettini have a continuative partnership with A+ as well as photographer Alberto Jona Falco - Studio Olimpic and Pierfrancesco Nannoni - IT Specialist

& Friends

Anna (architect), Marco (decorator), Gabriele (carpenter), Enrico (blacksmith), Lucio (upholsterer)